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The Truth About Air Vents & Ducts  Mold! What Every Northern Virginia 

Homeowner Should Know

Are you looking for the honest truth about HVAC Mold? Here's what every Northern Virginia-Washington D.C. metro area homeowner should know about HVAC air vents mold, and mold in ventilation systems. 


Relax! Usually microbial contamination in air ducts & vents systems is confined to small areas.

the truth about hvac mold northern va

If you are looking for the truth about HVAC cleaning, you have come to the right place. A Plus Enviro-Services acts as a watchdog over the industry here in the Washington D.C. metro area because we want to protect homeowners from scams. Our true mission is to offer affordable, educational, honest, local and high quality help to our clients by improving their indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and safety.


What is Mold?

First of all, what is mold ? Put simply, mold is a type of fungi. Fungi can be friendly or problematic depending on the type. Some types of mold we can eat like mushrooms or the yeast we use in baking. Certain molds are even used to make important medicines like penicillin. However, many other types of mold can be harmful to our health. Mold can be a challenging problem because there are literally hundreds of different kinds of fungi found indoors and outdoors.

About Mold in the Northern Virginia-Washington D.C. Region

Here in the Northern Virginia-Washington D.C. metro area, mold is a common containment mainly due to the high levels of humidity during the summer. For mold to grow, you need three things: humidity, organic material, and spores. Mold spores are common in the Northern Virginia-Washington D.C. region because we have such a vast variety of vegetation here. The truth is, opening a window or a door invites mold spores into your home. What happens overtime is the spores collect in your HVAC system that has also accumulated hair, dander, pollen, dust, and other debris, which is the perfect organic material the spores need to thrive. In fact, your HVAC system is an ideal breeding ground for mold spores. The reality is, mold is harmful to your health, especially if you suffer from a respiratory illness, allergies, or an autoimmune disorder.

The Good News!

There is good news here! Look on the bright side! Usually mold contamination in a HVAC system or air vents is confined to small areas. What this means is that cleaning is usually not very complex, and do not required duct work systems or ductwork replacement  except ductboard ducts and flexible ductwork.

The real problem is that many unethical service providers take advantage of the fact that homeowners do not realize this and charge exorbitant fees to remove mold, when really, it is typically not a big job. Our advice is not to waste your money with unqualified companies and scammers and instead use a service provider that will not only charge you a fair rate, but one that is accredited with NADCA, active in industry organizations like NARPM, has a good online reputation, and will offer you honest information about what is really going with your air ducts and HVAC system.


Of course, we think that A Plus Enviro-Services is your best local provider for the job. However, more importantly, we want you to get honest service which means we will come out to your house and educate you even if you do not hire us for the job. We are that committed to protecting homeowners and our industry. We will also give you a free and fair estimate. Give us a call today!


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A Plus Enviro Services Inc. is fully licensed, bonded and insured.

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